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We personally see to it that the intricate work & craftmenship of the jewellery set has been done beautifully. Our main moto is to satisfy our prestigious clients need which inherits beauty and create glamour to this world.

Our masterpiece are created by kaarigar from Udaipur, Jaipur and Bikaner also from district of Nokha & Dungarpur. Has picked up this artwork from the culture of Rajasthan.

“Because you want great jewellery at competitive prices, and a distinctly personable service, calling on the years of professional advice and experience of our knowledgeable staff.”  -ANSH GEMS

Behind the expertise of the many lies the acumen of a few because every long journey is began by visionaries who have the foresight, commitment and dedication to turn into reality and that’s for “ANSH GEMS”

Gazal Mehta

It is said that some children are born with a silver spoon in their mouth; in the case of Mrs. Gazal Mehta, the guiding force of Ansh Gems, it may well have been a diamond polki.

During her over-a-decade long career as a creator of some truly outstanding pieces of jewellery, Mrs Mehta has specialized in conjuring up rich jadau and bridal jewellery with some delicate meenakari work; designs that draw from the rich cultural heritage of the region in Rajasthan where she has her roots.

Mrs Mehta comes from an illustrious family from the region. One of her ancestors, Raja Shiv Prasad, who was awarded the title Sitar-e-Hind, was a member of the Legislative Council of the Viceroy. Her grandfather Bhopalchand Sahab Lodha, rose to pre-eminence and as Public Works Secretary of the former Jodhpur state. He was honored by the viceroy of India, Lord Linlithgow for his contributions to the developments of Jodhpur. Her parents and in-laws were prominent citizens of the region-her father was a well-known industrialist, her father in-law was a skilled taxation specialist, and both mother and mother-in-law were respected for their social involvement.

These various influences have all come together to help Mrs Gazal Mehta flower as a successful entrepreneur who set up her own jewellery business, Ansh Gems in 2004. She blends business acumen with sensitivity and gracefulness, and has brought to life the rich cultural heritage of her ancestral land in form of truly spectacular jewellery.

Ansh Gems specializes in jadau jewellery and bridal collections. Each stunning design is tastefully embellished with an assortment of diamond polki and a variety of gemstones, including rubies and emeralds. The dazzling creations are customized to the needs and sensibilities of individual clients.

Mrs. Mehta and Ansh Gems have won acclaim for her intricate work and the care with which each piece of jewellery has been crafted. Her designs add a generous bit of glamour to the attire of her high end clients and are perfect to make an impact on social occasions.

The company has also produced some stunning Bridal collection with elaborate pieces such as brilliant chokers, triple line kanthas as well as medium size-necklaces and sensational, statement-making chandbalis and large pendant sets as well.

Blending traditional designs with modern interpretations the collections are ideal for modern Indian brides who wish to have a contemporary look that is rooted in tradition. In addition, Ansh Gems has an amazing line- the Cappuccino collection, which has premium designs and magical creations as magical unique adornments that help you stand out at kitty parties and other social engagements.

The intricate work and the jewellery setting is done by a team of highly skilled kaarigars from Udaipur, Jaipur and Bikaner also from the districts of Nokha and Dungarpur.

Over the last decade, Ansh Gems has grown steadily, regularly widening its circle of clients. Satisfied clients introduce their friends and acquaintances to Mrs Mehta’s magic. The company had also made a name through participation in high profile exhibitions such as Puncham Bazaar, Dubai International Jewellery Show, Bridal Asia and many more through its own in house solo shows.

Ansh Gems has already made waves across India acquiring a name for its excellent designs and superb finishing at extremely competitive rates and is gradually gaining more and more recognition in the overseas market. The personalized service provided by Mrs. Gazal Mehta and her team gives the process of buying jewellery truly unforgettable!
We invite you to enjoy and experience the magic in her creations.

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Bhopalchand Sahab Lodha

My Grand Father

A commerce graduate from Sydenham College, Bombay he went on to become the Public Works Secretary of the former Jodhpur State. The Water Canal; The Umaid Bhawan Palace, Maharaj Umaid Mills Pali;Sardar Samand Water Supply Scheme and other works were undertaken during his tenure.

He was honoured with the title of Rai Sahib for his extraordinary services to the state. His greatest quality was his enduring belief that nothing is impossible for which the late Maharaja Hanwant Singhji of Jodhpur named him Alladin ka Chirag. He was the 20th century titan of Marwar and remembered as the architect and builder of Modern Jodhpur. In 1940, he was presented a stick of honour on behalf of His Majesty by the Viceroy of India, Lord Linlithgow for his contributions to the development of Jodhpur.

Raja Shiv Prasad

My Ancestors

Raja Shiv Prasad was highly educated, intelligent and multilinguist. He was a member of the Legislative Council of the Viceroy and honoured with the title of Raja (Sitarehind).

The famous Archeological Surveyor General Lord Cunnungham treated him as a kind friend. He wrote ltihas Timir Nashak and several other books.

A patron of Hindi language, he championed the cause of introduction of Hindi in the courts, proper education of Hindi in schools and publication of useful Hindi books for the students. Even Bhartendu Harishchandra had high regards for him and treated him as his Guru.

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